We are building an ecosystem for the creation of new assets, introducing ways to allocate capital to traditionally underserved areas of financial markets, and providing a practical application of distributed ledger technology.

Private capital markets have not significantly changed their distribution and settlement processes in over four decades.

Traditional forms of capital formation have not been keeping pace with capital needs or investor appetites.

High fees, long lockups, limited accessibility, and a lack of transparency are prohibitive.

This process is antiquated.

We have the solution
Single Point of Access
Perfect for companies interested in issuing blockchain-based securities and distributing them to a global network of placement agents as opposed to just one sourcing party.

More Revenue
We empower brokers and respect the human element of deal making. Blockchain is a tool to make information sharing more efficient and trustworthy. We grow our network by offering brokers a new source of revenue and wider access to institutional-grade investment opportunities.
Administering post-issuance services of a global investor base is expensive and time-consuming. Digital securities allow for automation of multiple functions, and our platform provides a single-access point and significant cost savings.